Google Music shutdown , music deleted in December
Google’s plans to end down its Google Play Music service and only the firm’s newer YouTube Music are known for quite a while. However, Google this week has given users a deadline on making the update. The business says YouTube Music will fully replace Google Play Music in December 2020, in which point Google Play Music users will nolonger find a way to flow or otherwise utilize the Google Play Music app.

Though December will be the final deadline for being able to export out of the Google Play Music app, your ability to flow out of the Google Play Music app will end before then.

Back in September 2020, users in New Zealand and South Africa will be the first to ever shed access to stream or make use of the Google Play Music app. The remaining part of the planet will reduce their access at October.

However, Google will continue to create your content available for export throughout December. Through the transport tool published in May, Google Play Music users are going to have the ability to export their playlists, purchases, uploads, enjoys and more to YouTube Music. Users also can use the Google take-out service to export their data and then download their uploaded and purchased music. Read More
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